What I Teach

I teach four subjects. Digital Systems, Computer Architecture, Programming and Web Development.

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Boolean Algebra Truth Table Karnaugh Maps PAL FPGA VHDL ALU Mux Decoder State Machine Turing Machine Datapath Control Unit Multicycle CPU Assembly MIPS MARS DETPIC32 PEPE SDP8 SDP16 x86 Arduino C C++ Java Python PHP HTML CSS JS jQuery .Net Core Web API Vue React Angular AJAX MySQL WordPress Webhooks OpenGL

Who I am

Hi, my name is André Casal and I’ve attended a 5-year Masters in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering at the University of Aveiro, while pursuing my own dreams and businesses. I’ve been developing software as a freelancer since 2004 and I’ve worked in both big and small teams working with companies like Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, NBC, Monster Energy and I’ve helped a few startups get off the ground. I’ve also helped countless students and professionals learn and study computer science a lot faster.

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I teach because helping other people achieve their dreams is part of my life mission and I know the importance of having a good mentor in your life.

What my students say about me

Cristina Coxinho

He's an excellent tutor. Way beyond my expectations. I recommend for Computer Architecture and Programming. Very good!

Helena Oliveira

Exceeded my expectations.

Wilson Mesquita

Very good!

Maria Sousa

Miguel Ferreira

João Gandum

João Trindade

Cristiana Santos

Luis Agostinho

How classes work

With online classes you can have classes from the comfort of your home or any quiet place – as long as you have a stable connection. We’ll use Zoom to video-conference. We can share and control each others screens, share files, draw on a digital whiteboard and all sessions are recorded so you can review them later.

Usually sessions are 2 hours (1 hour is too little and 3 hours is too much). If you wish to schedule a different period, email or call me and we’ll figure it out together. After you schedule a 2 hour session through the website, you’ll immediately receive, on your email, the calendar event and the Zoom link.

The only thing you need to do is, at the time of the class, click that link. Zoom will open and bring you to a virtual waiting room. I’ll receive a notification saying you’ve arrived and we can start talking.


Digital Systems 30
Computer Architecture 30
Programming 30
Web Development 30
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